New Hope

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The trio with Victar came upon a eroded wall and caught their first glimpse of Ravencraft, a three story tower. The tower is encircled by barren trees. A sense of death and decay emanates from the entire area. To the east of the tower is the entire ghost town know as Ravencraft. A town abandoned close to 100 years before after a terrible accident that flooded the nearby mine killing hundreds of the local miners.

Arrival to New Hope
The three adventurers travel across the Great Ocean to arrive at New Hope. A new world waiting to be discovered. Asher the ranger and Brogin the fighter had been in the same contract group since signing with the Noble House Bauhause. A three year venture contract. On the seven week ship ride the two befriended another contractor to Bauhause, Allister the druid. On one fateful morn, a cry was heard, “Land ho”. The eastern horizon was no longer blue but green with snow capped mountains. Around noon the ship docked into a bustling port. New Hope is a 300 year old port town. Life is cramped inside the walled city but since there is not another city on this new continent. There are other options, like to become either a miner or a farmer to live outside the city walls in smaller settlements. A wealthier and more dangerous profession is adventuring of course. Many ruins and relics dot the landscape of this ancient continent. The trio walked up the main course to arrive at the contract annex building. Entering into the three story granite pillared building, three tiers of small offices lined the far wall. The trio spied an office on the bottom level with Bauhause inscribed above the open entrance. Four other adventurers were currently in conversation with short man behind the wooden desk. Allister overheard their conversation about collecting certain items from some ruins in the swamp to the east. After the group left, our trio stepped in to speak to the quest contractor, a Derek Mander. He welcomed the trio to New Hope and gave them each a token that will allow them passage into and out of the city legally. He then shared with them a commission contract from a sheep farmer that lives 10 miles north of the city. The farmer with last name of Shilling, requested an inquiry into some lizard like beasts that have been spooking and eating his sheep. Mander promised the trio 75 gold to split with the completion of the contract within a three day time frame. The trio then promptly headed north to arrive at the farm before dusk. Ten miles north of New Hope the trio encountered a young boy on a horse furiously galloping south. Through tears, he shouted something about demons attacking his family and was headed to New Hope to get the Watch. The trio sent him along and headed north to the farm, Shilling’s farm. They came upon the farmer and his wife fending off 3 Giant Frogs, level 2 Medium natural beasts, during the combat two more frogs joined in. Allister almost died, but combat ended before he failed a third death save. After a few short rests, the trio questioned the farmer and his wife and found out their daughter, the youngest child, age 3, was missing. She had been hiding in the loft of the single room farmhouse. With investigation, a set of footprints, lined with decayed blood that evaporated shortly after they were found. The trio sent the couple to the neighboring farm and followed the trail north to the treeline. The trail ended at a road that ran south to north. The trio heard combat up the road, deep in the tree line. They sneaked forward and came upon a small caravan under attack by shadowy monsters. The caravan guards were in melee with two Shadow Smashers, level 2 Medium shadow creature brute. The caravan master was in melee with Shadow Slasher, level 2 Medium shadow creature striker. A second slasher was attempting to drag a screaming woman from within one of the wagons. After they helped defeat the shadow creatures the trio found out the two wagon caravan was headed north from New Hope to Fort Hawkeye, another two days journey north. The wagon master, Sturm Rightshield, was escorting Lady Josephine to Hawkeye to live with her uncle, Commander Roderick O’Braskin. The trio agreed to accompany the group to Fort Hawkeye. They were able to take an extended rest as the caravan traveled through the night and morning. They crossed an ancient bridge and noticed the lowered water level carried a taint that flowed from the west. Sturm stated that a hermit lived in the area that often traded with any who passed through and should ask him of the taint. The caravan stopped at a clearing and found the hermit, Victar, a cleric of the Raven Queen. He agreed to take the trio to an abandoned mining town to the west, called Ravencraft.

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